There are over 10,000 spirits and wine brands in the world, but whisk(e)y is probably the best known Scottish export. Whether you prefer your whisky with or without the e, it’s impossible to not name a single brand of the “Aqua Vitae” when millions of cases are sold around the world every year.

With many of the leading brands over 100 years old, it’s no wonder that the craft of whisky making is described as an art. With the still to bottle process taking at least three years, no other distilled beverage is characterised by such a complex range of flavours (200-300 detected by chemical analysis).

All of this is perhaps why we have produced some of our most refined artwork for whisky brands, compared with any other food & drink category. We’ve visualised everything from the distillation process to the packaged bottle in a variety of highly finished styles.

If you’re working with a spirit brand this summer, give your ideas and concepts the premium treatment they deserve and speak to our studio today.

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