Flexible with hidden depths

Some of you may be aware that once in a while we like to share our latest work with interested parties, keeping them updated with our services, styles and projects. In the past this has taken a number of different formats, often a book, occasionally a DVD, last year we even created the style guide as a pack of playing cards. This year we decided that our mascot Leicester the mouse would help us share the love.

Single and ready to mingle

We took Leicester’s lovable qualities and transformed them into a useful USB that can easily be updated with projects that are most interesting to you. Whether it be storyboards, visuals, research animatics, scamp workshops or scribing, we have a bespoke Leicester waiting to be your perfect match.


Leicester is keen to make new friends. We have tentatively started posting our little Leicesters out to those we think may already have shared interests.


If you would like to swipe right on Leicester, then give us a shout at [email protected]

When can we meet?

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