(Picture, from left to right: Michaela, Rachel, Georgie, and Sophie)

We are about to say goodbye to Michaela, who has been ‘fuelling’ our blogs and monthly newsletters for the past six years from her office in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She had originally worked as our front of house and office manager for several years before she moved ‘up North’ with her husband; they are now about to head of travelling for the foreseeable future – we wish you all the best of luck, ‘Chaela!

This farewell led us to think about the value we at Three Blind Mice set on developing our staff members so that they can continue to help us whilst developing their own careers. Our front of house role, in particular, has created many opportunities over the years;

Rachel, our first, spent thirteen years at Three Blind Mice organising, bossing, cajoling, tidying, filing and sorting – it’s what she does best! She chose to broaden her approach and set-up the very successful, Please Organise Me, helping both people and businesses who are overwhelmed with too much stuff and far too much to do.

Michaela was with us in-house for four years, where she established the online marketing that we use to this day. She’s helped to manage the social media accounts, blogging and newsletters for both Three Blind Mice and Jelly for nearly ten years; as well as consult others through her company, Fuelled by Social Alchemy.

Georgie is still a regular feature in the Three Blind Mice studio; when she’s not assisting with bookkeeping, she runs Summer Villas, offering a handpicked collection of beautiful holiday villas and apartments in the south of Spain, Lanzarote and Ibiza.

And of course, we only recently said goodbye to Polly, who went on to be TBM’s Studio Manager for several years before snapping up an opportunity at Vice Magazine (she’s also a successful artist in her own right). Adam is now a junior producer here in the studio, and Sofia has become an Account Exec. at Perkbox.

But our front of house team is no exception. For some years, Three Blind Mice has run an apprenticeship scheme wherein we have taken on talented young artists and develop them into professional visualisers and concept artists.

Visualising is a very singular skill; not many illustrators are quick enough to transfer immaculately conceived and rendered people of the briefed age, look and feel to paper and then able to replicate that character perfectly, frame by frame, in a variety of angles and different expressions. Only a select few artists can do this AND do it at speed, with numerous client changes and looming deadlines; it takes vast talent and nerves of steel!

We’re proud to say that in twenty years we have trained at least eight artists, all of which have gone on to make a decent living in the freelance world and continue to work with us in some way or another. Jacob – the current incumbent – is coming on a storm!

Of course, it never stops there. Most of our producers, animators and project managers have moved up the ranks too! Not a bad strike rate for a little studio, even if we do say so ourselves…

Thanks again, then, and best of luck to Michaela. Hayley (our new Studio Manager – keep up!) will be taking the marketing reigns from here on out. Enjoy!

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