We had the privilege of having Maryam join us for a one week work placement organised through Arts Emergency. Whilst Maryam joined us to learn more about the industry we found we learned just as much from the exchange and gained a valuable fresh perspective on our processes and practices. Maryam has kindly put together some key learnings and thoughts from a week with us and our sister company Jelly London below… 

I have spent a week working as a marketing intern with Three Blind Mice and their sister company Jelly London who I found via the Arts Emergency group who help young, talented individuals with opportunities in the creative industry. Coming from a BAME background I have noticed it is particularly challenging to delve into a creative industry and find people who come from a similar background. This week allowed me to gain a valuable insight into the advertising and marketing industry and was important in demonstrating the diversification needed within the creative field and how people like me can start that change.

My week entailed working with the social media platforms at Three Blind Mice and Jelly London where I was running through their analytics and analysing how the social media accounts could be improved; what posts were most effective and what makes Three Blind Mice and Jelly stand out from its competitors. From the analytics, it was clear both agencies offer something new, creative and distinctively different from their competitors which is solidified by the amazing minds behind the marketing at both agencies.

Part of my week involved speaking with some great minds like Rayelle Al-Mashgari, Lou Bones and Nicki Field, Hayley Warren, Rob Taylor, Lydia Robinson and Chris Page. What I gained from all my talks with the teams is marketing has become increasingly important considering the climate of the world we live in. Through this week I discovered the importance of Digital Marketing and the quintessential role social media plays in attracting and communicating with clients in a more ‘virtual office’ as put by Chris the agencies CEO.

The marketing world is changing rapidly and the face-to-face style of promoting to attract, clientele is being made redundant, forcing agencies like Three Blind Mice and Jelly to adapt and change the way the agency is marketed. However, this acts as a little challenge for the agency as its proven its ability to adjust to the current climate demonstrating its willingness to go that extra step that competitors don’t take. From this week I have learnt you must ‘start small’ as stated by Chris (another pearl of wisdom) and the marketing industry will always change and evolve; a fast-paced industry I hope to work in some day!

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