To infinity… and beyond!

It’s in our nature as creatures of the planet to wonder who or what else is out there. Our curiosity spreads to in all our cultural endeavours, and advertising is no exception! Here we have looked back at examples of our sci-fi spacey advertising visualisations at their best.

From the spectacularly surreal sci-fi graphic novel with a superb juxtaposition of laser beams and telepathy to get imaginations stirred…



Or riding along with the best view ever from the moons crust! This character ponders this beautiful sight as asteroids shower around him…



And finally, why not lose oneself in a wondrous new space? Encompassing the participants in a glittery array of lights this experience design visualization leaves the audience wanting to explore…


Whilst most people make New Year’s Resolutions to be happier, save money or lose weight, one resolution could be to look up and out, beyond the realms of reality? Or maybe just gaze a little at the artists creations that do.

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