We collaborated with the fantastic lot at the Young Creative Council to deliver our scamp workshop for up-and-coming creatives of the future.

YCC are a collective of creatives that provide help and support to young talent in the ad industry. They regularly arrange skill-sharing workshops that build on the skillset of the YCC network, whilst creating opportunities to network and meet industry professionals. If you haven’t already come across the lovely lot at YCC then you can see some of their awesome industry developing projects here.

It was fantastic to gather so many talented people together in one space. It came as no surprise to us see that their scamp game was STRONG! We had a super mix of bodies in the room, from creatives working in Havas, Octopus PR, Wine and Design among many more.

Old-time legendary visualising artist Linda and super-star house artist Jacob got the YCC guys warmed-up with a quick-fire drawing round before settling in to the scamp challenges. Whilst working through the scripts we were on-hand to advise on the trickier matters such as perspectives, angles, people and those oh-so-difficult cars!

Thanks again to everyone that attended our scamp workshop. It was fantastic to meet and draw with you, we hope to see all your faces again very soon!

If you’re interested in participating one of our workshops or feel your team may benefit from our scamping tips get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to tailor something to you!

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