When we use the term ‘scamp’ we’re referring to a super quick drawing/idea in its rawest form. It’s a valuable scribble that communicates what is needed from an artist. No matter how basic a scamp (or unreadable it might appear!) it’s always useful to us!

It’s often tricky for clients to find time to draw up a scamp before briefing an artist or creative agency, and so to help with that we set about developing a scamp workshop for our clients, in an effort to teach a short-hand for communicating ideas and give clients the confidence to put their ideas to paper, especially when under duress!

We held our first scamp workshop here at our Charlotte Mews studio, with talented visualising artist Linda and a variety of creatives and project managers from local agencies. Through a number of exercises, the participants were given the confidence to put pencil to paper and visually communicate their brief into a scamp, ready to hand to an experienced visualiser to work their magic.

In response to the popularity of the session we have started taking our scamp workshop to a number of studios around London who are in need of some speedy tips and tricks. WCRS, Sky and Wunderman have been among the first to call us in, helping their team members who were keen to develop their skills.

If this is something you think your company would benefit from get in touch at [email protected] for more information.

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