‘Scamp’ is one of those words that has its own meaning in the advertising and creative industry. In essence, a scamp is a rough sketch, an important tool for correctly relaying a client’s vision to an artist.

When the studio receives a brief, particularly one that involves a script, the first thing our project managers do is “scamp up” – that is, draw a rough draft of how the artwork would pan out. From a set of scamps, the project managers are able to work out how many frames and overlays are needed to visualise and/or animate the script.

Scamp left, artist interpretation right

If you’ve every played Pictionary, you’ll know that a ‘rough sketch’ doesn’t necessarily look the same on paper as it did in your mind; without the context of a script, scamps are ludicrous scribbles well and truly open for (amusing) interpretation! So, our project managers often spend quite a while working on their scamps to make them presentable and understandable for both our clients and artists.

Studio Manager, Polly has drawn several examples and briefed each one to an artist (Lee S, Mike S) so you can compare the scamp (left) and the finished visual (right).

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