In business, it’s good to periodically review how much one charges for what one does; as they say, ignore the market rates at your own peril. Thus, to ensure the best value for our clients, we have revisited our Animatic services rate card.

As a result, Three Blind Mice has decided to reduce rates across our Animatic services – and with our Financial Director’s blessing(!)

“Have you lost your minds?” We hear you cry, “surely that’s financial suicide?” Well… no. Not really.

When you’ve been supplying pre-visualising and creative research services for as long as we have – 20 years – you become more efficient at delivering the best quality within project deadlines.

(It’s a bit like being a long-distance athlete; the first time you run a marathon it’s incredibly difficult but the more often you do it, the less arduous it is, until it almost becomes the norm.)

At this stage, businesses like ours have one of two choices; either hide the efficiencies in an exercise in smoke and mirrors or transparently pass the benefits onto the client.

We feel the latter is the decent thing to do, after all, we’re all in this fragmented and confused market place together. With studios and agencies trying to get films and commercials through research, with the best results, while being leaned on by procurement departments fixated on cost savings, why should we not help our clients? The logic seemed too difficult to argue against; let’s hope it helps our clients to research more films, better.

With better technology and experience we’ve finally broken the old adage that you can’t have better and cheaper at the same time. As for quicker? Everything within reason.

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