Campaign: Agency: Pepsico

Artist: Aaron, Paul F | Style: 2D, Colour


Are you still struggling to nail that Tree Pose in Yoga? Yeah, you’re not alone… But we’re almost there with a little help from Tropicana’s new ‘Juice with a Boost.’

We worked with Pepsico on their new Tropicana+ campaign which features a young couple trying out a Yoga tutorial. It’s clear to see one is a novice and the other is a full blown master! However with the help of Tropicana+ the novice takes a sip and can master (almost) any yogi stretch.

Our illustrators Aaron and Paul drew and coloured up these illustrations. Once approved we set to work with our in-house editing team to get the timing of the script down, ready for pitch.

It was great to see the idea make it through research and to watch the spot on TV this summer.  So go grab yourself some Tropicana+, and come join us in what we like to call ‘tricky tree’.

Click here to watch the Juice with a Boost ad, and if you are thirsty for more, why not take a peak at our other Tropicana campaigns.

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