Campaign: The real soy where true flavour starts Agency: Courage Media

Artist: Aaron, Tony W | Style: Colour

We were approached by Courage Media to create a series of brush work visuals for the Lee Kum Kee History of Soy TV spot. The intention of the work was to convey the rich and authentic history of the LKK soy sauce, showing the early methods of production and uses.

Whilst for technical reasons it was necessary to create the artwork digitally we made sure to use a number of convincing digital watercolour brushes and textures to create a soy sauce painting effect. Working this way meant that the artwork could be easily adjusted to accommodate any feedback or extra elements. We were able to supply the artwork on a number of layers so that it could be cleverly animated by the production team over at Courage Media.

Our visualising artists Tony and Aaron rose to this stylistic challenge wholeheartedly and we were really proud to see the artwork appear in the TV ad. See how the artwork compares to the final spot here.

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