Campaign: The First Flight Agency: Havas Wordwide

Artist: Rick F | Style: 2D, Colour

Heathrow has released their first ever TV advert which has just hit our screens in time for school holidays this July 2016. The ad features a five-year-old girl making her way through the airport for her first flight and ends with the tag line ‘To the next 70 years of flight’ in celebration of Heathrow’s 70th anniversary this year.

Advertising agency Havas Worldwide came to us with this heartwarming idea that has achieved a very warm and popular response from the public. The ad is set to David Bowie’s little-known but lovely ‘When I Live My Dream’ and is part of a wider campaign that focuses on customer stories through digital, print and outdoor campaigns.

Project Manager Jess worked closely with the creative team at Havas to create a set of colour visuals that would communicate the majestic heartwarming storyboard for the ad.

‘It was important to capture extreme high and low angles to create a sense of a small person travelling through a very big and awe inspiring space.’

Visualising artist Rick worked with a a painterly textural brush that allowed him to add a nostalgic and honest feel to the visuals, whilst using warm colours and soft lighting to convey the happy and heartwarming story. You can watch the spot here.

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