Campaign: Quaker Oats: Go Forridge Agency: AMV BBDO

Artist: Aaron | Style: Black & White Sketch

We were approached by agency AMV BBDO to create a series of black and white research visuals for their recent campaign for Quaker Oats, Go Forage. 

The focus of the campaign, centering around a 30” TV commercial, is to inspire the UK to get creative with their porridge toppings and flavour combinations.

Working with artist Aaron we created these black and white storyboard frames showing everyday people across Britain explore every nook and cranny of their kitchen. From cupboards, pantry’s and spice racks to the depths of their fridges and freezers. We’ve illustrated the lengths that porridge lovers will go to to help create a delicious bowl of Quakers.

The frames were drawn at dynamic angles with the bowl and toppings taking centre stage.

See how the research visuals compare to the TV spot here.

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