Campaign: Agency: adam&eveDDB

Artist: Aaron, Tony W | Style: 2D, Colour

If you’re familiar with the song ‘Go West’ by the Pet Shop Boys, and love the 90’s this ad is for you!

We teamed up with the lovely folk at Adam and Eve to create some visuals for Highways England new campaign encouraging people to ‘Go Left’ on the motorway if in an emergency. The script by Highways England encourages people to pull over to find an emergency zone, and safely exit on the passenger side.

Featuring a man driving in his car on a motorway, we see him notice a flashing light appear on his dashboard. At this moment we’re greeted by two charming bugs who splat onto the wind-screen and promptly break-out into song. A Pet Shop Boys inspired rendition of ‘Go Lefttttt!’ no less!

TBM artists Aaron and Tony worked together on these to bring a charismatic and joyful charm to a serious and important message for drivers on the Motorway. We’re really hoping the bugs in the advert release this song, because we can’t stop singing “GO LEEEFT.” And I’m sure once you have watched the advert here, you’ll be singing the same.

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