Campaign: [Exhibition] Fiat "The Power of X" Agency: Krow

Artist: Rick F | Style: Colour

The launch of a new product is a big occasion for any brand; so when FIAT unveiled the new 500X model they knew the build up to the launch had to be something spectacular. Partnering with world-famous magician Dynamo and Oscar-winning SFX studio Framestore, the FIAT 500X embarked on a six-city UK tour – “The Power of X” – starting in London’s Covent Garden.

As with any tour, besides the magic and virtual reality are the essential display tools for presenting a product and the FIAT 500X was no exception. To exhibit the new mini SUV, the creatives at Krow had specific materials in mind and asked our studio to bring their vision to life. Our first artist on the brief, Linda, visualised the agency’s initial concept with a very loose colour style. Once approved and developed further, Rick F created more detailed versions of the exhibition stands, carefully replicating the look of the chosen metal and wiring.

We were delighted to catch a glimpse of the “The Power of X” tour in Covent Garden earlier this year.

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