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What is the trickiest element to communicate in 3D? Any guesses? I’ll give you clue, the average person has 100,000 – 150,000 of these on their head alone!

You guessed it – HAIR!

One of the reasons it’s so notoriously difficult is because there are just SO many of them…

BUT who doesn’t love the luxurious hair wave close-up and the hypnotic way hair product adverts make it move? This mesmerising other-worldly display is quite something to attempt to simulate in CGI – but not impossible!

Our hardy team at Three Blind Mice are not known to shy away from a challenge (far from it in fact) and so here we present to you us tackling bouncy flowing hair beauty in CGI head-on!

There’s only room for a fraction of our portfolio online. If you’re after specifics, get in touch. We’ll create something just for you.

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