Campaign: [TV] Branston "Make It Special" Agency: Mcgarrybowen London

Artist: Rick F | Style: Colour

If you’re looking for a quintessentially British pairing of food, there’s no doubt that cheese and pickle hits the spot. Whether sandwiched between slices of bread or atop a cracker is of little significance compared with the brand of chutney, the nation’s favourite being Branston.

While the concept of an ornate cheese tower crowned with a dollop of Branston may seem peculiar to some, to us it’s the epitome of ingredient pairing by both taste and texture; and with the launch of three new chutney flavours, we’re now spoilt for choice.

Advertising agency, Mcgarrybowen London contacted Jess to capture the British favourite as part of their “Make It Special” campaign. Studio artist, Rick F visualised a man lovingly carve a mountain of cheese embellished with the scenes showing the craft process, and topped with a cracker, a wedge of cheese and a spoon of chutney. If the description and artist visual doesn’t leave you with a sense of awe (and hunger) the TV spot should do the trick.

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