Campaign: Feel Good Travel Agency: Adam & Eve DDB

Artist: Aaron | Style: Black & White Sketch

Over the years we’ve been briefed on some surreal concepts, but we’ve never taken a brief involving a rollerblading turtle before.

Adam & Eve DDB approached us to help develop their new Avanti West Coast campaign featuring Turbo the rollerblading turtle. The campaign titled “Feel Good Travel” aims at encouraging the public to return to rail travel, highlighting the benefits of a relaxing, effortless train journey.

TBM artist Aaron drew these uplifting, characterful drawings to help support the TV script. In the ad we see Turbo the turtle whizzing around on his rollerblades enjoying an easy and joyful journey from the heart of a busy centre through to the rolling hills and scenic villages of the countryside. You can view the ad here

As well as drawing key frames for the script we also produced visuals for print, digital media and social activations.

We’d like to think that our drawings helped develop the campaign and in turn encourage more people to get on the rails and experience the sights available on the West Coast route.


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