Campaign: Britain's 'Smartest' Boat Agency: Hope & Glory

Artist: Linda C | Style: Colour

We were asked by PR giants Hope & Glory to create some colour visuals for their “Britain’s Smartest Boat” launch, a collaboration with Argos & Google to create the nations first fully functional smart boat.

Working with artist Linda we created a series of colour visuals to help Hope & Glory launch the idea. Whilst working on these we kept the interior light and airy, with little nods to high-functioning tech. We were in awe to hear that on this boat you can make a cup of tea without flipping a switch and can keep the place dust and dirt free with the help of a robotic vacuum!

With research showing that more than half of Brits aren’t using their smart tech to its full potential, but finding that people are so devoted to their smart gadgets that three in 10 will take them away on a staycation in the UK, this boat brings smart devices and smart living seamlessly together.

It was great to be a part of this project, Hope & Glory have once again outdone themselves with awe inspiring concept!

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