Campaign: Sorry I've got my hands full Agency: BMB

Artist: | Style: 3D, Colour

Did you catch BMB’s Hula Hoop ad last year featuring a bank cashier who’s Hula Hoop filled fingers save the day?

After creating a successful 2D research animatic for this project and seeing the TV ad hit our screens, we decided to take this playful script and develop it further into 3D.

We kept the same format and timing as the original animatic, however once we had created the set and characters in 3D we had lots more shot and camera movements available to us.

The biggest challenge was transferring the ‘2D classic storyboard drawn style’ characters into the 3D world. We worked to ensure that the colour treatment was kept smooth and simple and that the figures kept to a simple ‘drawn-style’ outline.

See how our animatic compares to the original ad here.

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