It’s a well known fact: everyone hates pitching; long hours, thankless review sessions, mock-ups, creaky PowerPoint presentations, trying to actually listen to what the planner is saying… and then? The long wait, the short-list. And repeat, ad-infinitum.

Not us. Ooooh… we love a pitch!

Pitching is the perfect chance for us to prove our mettle. Give us a ridiculous deadline. Give us too much to produce in a ridiculously short time. Go on!

We’ve been partnering with our clients in the pitch process for years, so we understand the strains that they’re under and are able to give decent advice as to what can be achieved in time to be on, say, that 7.30am flight to Paris (or the 9am bus to Slough) tomorrow morning with a full pitch deck under-arm.

The most constructive advice that we can offer any of our clients is this: get Three Blind Mice involved as early as possible.

We are happy to come in and listen to ideas – even at an embryonic stage – as this gives us the chance to think ahead about what may be needed from us when we get to the sharp-end of the pitch. We’ll be primed and ready to go.

And yes, we know it will most likely change once the Creative Director has seen it. Don’t worry.

Concept art for BMB, AllSaints

Concept art for BMB, AllSaints

For pitches and presentations we tend to produce quick, black and white scamps that can tell the story of ‘The Idea’ in a simple and easy-to-understand way. These are simple to brief, simple to amend and we can deliver these nice and fast.

We can also produce a big, colour ‘hero’ image or even a short animatic, mood or test-film to help the client understand where the creative thoughts are coming from and drive the pitch forward, in the right direction.

#Teddytracker pitch visual for Hope&Glory, Virgin Trains.

#Teddytracker pitch visual for Hope&Glory, Virgin Trains.

All of the above are produced here at our London studio. We have artists, a post-production team and comfy meeting rooms, so there’s the option to be here when we produce the pitch assets, allowing us to work closely together and polish the assets to a nice, shiny finish.

“You guys have been brilliant, thank you so much for late nights & early mornings! I honestly didn’t think we’d get it done so really appreciate all your help.” – Jackie Graham, Traffic Project Manager

Over 20 years, Three Blind Mice are proud to have partnered with many of London’s top advertising agencies and PR companies throughout the pitch process. We’ve been on the winning side more often than not.

So, if you have a big, scary one coming up in the near future, give us a call. Don’t be scared, we’re not!

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