Our new website has been live for almost a year now. We have continued to listen to feedback from our clients and colleagues for further improvements, and our first big change has been to the addition of artist pages.

We are very proud of our artists and are always exploring new ways to optimise their exposure and showcase their talent. As a result, we have added Our Artists – a dedicated page to present a hand-picked selection of their best work and range of visualising styles.

You can now search each artist by name as well as the three core styles – highly finished, black and white, and colour – across the entire portfolio.

Our Artists   Three Blind Mice

Of course, our online portfolio is just a fraction of the illustrated and animated work produced within the Three Blind Mice Studio. Sadly, we can’t show it all – that’s just the nature of the work we do!

So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have something specific in mind, simply get in touch and one of our highly experienced project managers will be able to help you.

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