We wanted to write a few words about someone special, not only to Three Blind Mice but to the Advertising Industry in general. Mike Strudwick worked hard for the past 4 decades as an illustrator and visualiser, providing his wonderful drawings for many of London’s top Ad agencies and his enthusiasm never ceased or waned, well he certainly didn’t show it if he did! Even into the small hours whilst working on gruelling pitches, I suppose those are the qualities that a professional and charming man such as Mike had. I used to love how when I rang him at 6pm he’d cheerily say, “Tell me more!” and be happy to get his teeth stuck in to whatever last minute palaver I had going on.

We received the tragic news that Mike passed away last month after a battle with cancer and wanted to celebrate his skills with you all by sharing some of his work. It was a total pleasure to have him as one of our artists and we hope that this post inspires other artists in the industry to keep drawing, as it’s not only Mike’s impressive skills as an artist that need to be celebrated, but also his determination and ability to stick at it throughout all those years.

We will really miss him and sure those of you who had the luck of working with him will to.


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