It’s that time of year again! Before we all make a run for the tinsel-clad hills, take a look at Leicester’s latest jingling jaunt!

Leicester is the merriest of mice

Who loves to skate on the ice

He can twist, he can flip

He can jump and he can skip

All whilst eating mince pies

We worked with our house artist Mark to create the artwork for our very own Leicester-limerick, before working with our in-house editing facilities to transform the artwork into moving magic.

This stripped-back illustration style was inspired by the scribing art service we launched earlier this year.

Whilst most scribing artists work live in workshop environments directly with clients, sometimes this graphic facilitation is developed one step further, animating the assets to help further communicate the message.

We hope you like our animated scribe, if you have any workshop ideas you would like bringing to life give us a shout!


Have a lovely Christmas one and all!

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Copyright: Three Blind Mice 2014

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