We would like to take this opportunity on International Womens Day to introduce you to not one but TWO incredible additions to our roster of talent, Ina and Victoria.

Victoria is an artist working in London who has developed a warm and realistic style that captures and communicates scripts perfectly. Working with a number of digital brushes Victoria is able to focus in on the key areas of the script whilst pushing back the less important parts with looser and softer mark-making. Victoria’s strengths also lie in character design for cartoon pitches.

Ina is an artist who specialises in hand-drawn line work and utilises watercolour paint and digital brushes to create visuals which have a perfect balance of detail and energy. Ina’s work is particularly popular with fashion oriented briefs but this expressive style breathes life into a wide range of visualising briefs.

If you would like to work with Victoria or Ina for a pitch get in touch at [email protected]

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