When our animatics require bespoke components – such as a body position or certain camera angle – we head to our green screen studio for a photo shoot.

It is often difficult to source the required angles for people or objects on the internet, so we’ve found the green screen route to be invaluable for both saving time and keeping in budget.

Photo shoots of any nature need a bit of pre-production time to cast the right actors, source all the props we need and get the green screen studio ready for action. There have been occasions where our very own team are used for the starring role.


Once we’ve taken all the high quality frames we need, the shots are downloaded and editing begins with cutting out the actors and props away from the green hue. Good lighting at the shoot would have prevented ‘spill’, allowing for a straight-forward edit.

From here, any body parts that didn’t quite fit the brief are removed or replaced; this is most often the case with campaigns featuring celebrities, where faces are then exchanged for stock shots of the celebrity. It’s also at this stage that photographed or illustrated props and backgrounds are added to complete a scene.

Two of our best examples of green screen for animatics are Sheba ‘Follow Your Passion’ and Walkers Sunbites ‘Cardboard Jane’.



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