Chris and Leicester have just returned from Cannes after completing their third Fireflies Tour, cycling from Geneva to the south of France through the Alps with several other like-minded souls.

The Fireflies ride is a 15-year-old advertising industry tradition, which has become renowned as being one of the toughest rides in amateur cycling. It began back in the days before the current boom for all-things-Lycra and has always been something based around the purity of the original idea summed up in the Fireflies motto; ‘for those that suffer we ride’ wherein those that have suffered or lost people near and dear to them through cancer gather together to do something momentous to pay tribute to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

Charity rides and ‘sportives’ are almost two-a-penny these days and most social media feeds are awash with requests from people doing ‘stuff’ to raise awareness, but the Fireflies ride is different; it’s nothing less than an 8 day ordeal, an uphill marathon every day with all the weather that the mountains can throw at you stirred into the mix.

Those who have completed it gain access to a club that they never leave – once a Firefly, always a Firefly…

This year’s ride was the usual mix of tears of joy and pain, with over 1000 km covered, whilst the riders climbed over three times the height of Everest over the duration of the trip. The weather varied from pouring rain on the first day, to icy blasts at the top of the Col De Galibier on Day 3, to the 35 degree furnace of the hills of Provence for the last couple of days.

As usual, great friends were made, tears were shed, laughs were spilled and many great breathtaking moments were had in the Alps. All ending in a hilarious traffic-choked crawl into the mayhem of the Cannes Lions. Turkey And there begins a completely different story…

So far this year, Chris has raised £6900 + £1,284 giftaid for his charity, Leukemia & Lymphoma Research. To donate, please visit:

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