Animatics are your ideas, animated; helping researchers understand how consumers think.

We produce animatics in a range of styles. A loose black and white is great for testing narrative when you don’t want focus groups tuning into little details.

At the other end is highly polished 3D, vital for big ideas with thin margin for error.


From sketches to CGI, visuals are vital for campaign success.

Style and artist options are almost limitless. The same goes for subject. Cars, celebs, cats.

“If you think it, we can draw it”

Increasingly, we’re finding these research visuals dictating art direction and production later down the line.

Storyboards break down narrative, helping to convey important messages quickly.

Wait, there’s more…

We spend our time amassing resources to save you yours.

We’ve worked with advertising deadlines long enough to know you don’t have the time for a bespoke research shoot. Our well stocked archive ensures you never have to.

So if you need a flamenco dancer or a kid’s birthday party, chances are it’s already on file.

But that’s not all…

We’ve an archive of work spanning 20 years of advertising. There just isn’t room to house every brand and agency we’ve worked with on our website. Talk to us, tell us what you need. We’ve probably got it.

Scribing & Visual Thinking

Scribing is a unique and powerful tool perfect for workshops, hackathons, meetings, pitches and presentations.

Work with our speedy scribing team to capture and elevate your ideas in a meaningful and memorable way.

Whether you need a scribe, a rich pictures, graphic recording, or a whiteboard animation, you name it – we’ll sort it!

Scamp Workshops

Do you need to sharpen your scamping skillset? Are you better at breaking pencils than at breaking down scripts?

We’ve developed a scamp workshop just for you! In just over an hour you will learn the scamping basics from one or our seasoned storyboarding artists.

Brimming with top-tips and industry know-how you’ll leave this workshop a savvy scamper!

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