Everyone knows that companies like Amazon and Netflix have seen a huge rise in demand of their services, but under the radar there’s another company that seems to have done very well for themselves. That company being Cronkshaw Fold farm who have raised a whopping £50k during this pandemic.

How did a farm achieve such a feat? Goats.

It seems people across the globe are tired of the hum-drum life of the monotonous zoom calls/ presentations and have been hiring goats of all things to spice things up a bit. To make their calls more personal and inject something extra that will help connect them.

“What has this got to do with Three Blind Mice?” you ask? Well, we thought it was about time another four-legged friend took to the screen. That being our beloved mascot Leicester Mouse.

Unlike his goat counterpart, Leicester won’t be munching on hay for your zoom call but creatively scribing all of the clever discussions and key points at your next online event. With 90% of the information that we process being visual, letting a mouse into your next big video conference is no joke.

Events that we used to happily pile into have now made the switch to online spaces. This offers the potential to reach a much wider audience AND cut many of the costs that inevitably come with hosting a physical event. Hooray! The downside is that many of the things that make an event actually engaging and memorable usually come from the interpersonal bits, the chats, the drinks, wondering around and taking in only the bits that you choose.

Bridging the physical to online engagement gap is tough.

That’s why we have adapted our approach to offer our best artistry and engagement digitally. Working on a digital drawing tablet, our artists are able to seamlessly join your video conference, creatively capturing the key topics discussed. We’ll be as visible or discreet as you choose, leaving you with an information packed illustration that provides a unique take-away from the event.

Twitter has said that tweets with a GIF see 55% more engagement than those without.

With animated content proving to be such a popular engagement tool, we provide you with both the static final illustration and a moving time-lapse showing the process, perfect for social and extending your reach.

How you choose to work with one of our artists is entirely up to you, why not ask the artist to sneakily create a series of portraits of speakers with some of their best quotes from the day as a personalised thank you? OR we could create one humungous illustration of the whole event for you to zoom in and out of and pour over for days to come! OR we could create a series of slides that hone on specific categories. Providing enviable Powerpoint content for you and your team, no more dry presentations for you!

Gone are the days of a branded pencil or mug! Instead why not think of booking an artist for your event, not just as a gift for your attendees, but to create something that actually adds value to the day and helps unite you all.

If this has left you wanting to see some cheeky examples of scribing for webinars, have a peek at our recent collaborations with Takumi for TikTok, and The 99//Club Digital Festival. Get in touch with us if you have any ideas in the pipeline, we have very big ears (relative to our size) and love to listen.

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