Character development is a crucial part of every story. Even the smallest of details help to create a good visual picture of a personality, as well as the role the character plays in any narrative.

As we visualise ideas for pitch and research stages, we usually create a character from the very beginning so it’s important for us to realise as much of the character’s nature from the brief. We tend to break down this process into three stages;

Firstly, we ask one (or maybe more) of our artists to draw sheets of very quick concept drawings, full of very rough ideas of how the character may look. We then review these with the client and narrow down our options, allowing us to pick one route to develop.

Secondly, the chosen artist refines the sketches of our defined character, working out particular characteristics and showing details of the face, views of the back and sides, as well as the front. Again, this will be reviewed with the client and any comments taken on board.

Lastly, we go to colour and produce a definitive series of colour images that show the character in its finished state.


Character development relies on a strong narrative; not only does this help an idea or campaign win-over a client during pitching, but effectively deliver a message during research and eventually, familiarise a target audience with your brand.

Betfred “The Dudes” characters are a good example; developed for Brothers and Sisters’ pitch, the characters made it through and into production.

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