So you want to guarantee your campaign’s success? The Secret’s in the Scamp.


Every now and then a visualising brief crops up that really lets us to show our chops.

Ed Edwards of Devilfish invited Jess in for a chat. He had the brand, a written script and a great piece of music ready to rock. What he needed was Jess and her scamp skills to breathe life into his idea.

Every good visualising project is underpinned by top class scamps and Jess is one of the best. Scamps are sometimes our only opportunity to ask vital questions about logo placement, location, dress and even facial expression. The feedback we generating when scamping an idea feed directly into every other phase of the project.

“It’s interesting to see how far our sketches penetrate into a new campaign”

Scamps are also how we select the perfect artist for the job with Linda’s expressive, fluid style ticking all the right boxes for YooMoo. And after studying hours of championship ice skating online, she produced a series of visuals that helped convey movement, speed and a hefty dose of power.


It’s always interesting to see how far our sketches can penetrate the production journey of a new campaign. With the ad in production, Ed had us back on the blower to help visualise the accompanying press ad. Aaron’s eye for colour was enough to produce a visuals used by the photography and art team.

It’s always nice to stumble across our work in the media, particularly when the similarities between our work and the finished product are so similar.

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