We had the pleasure of working with the University of Greenwich to create a live wall scribe for their recent conference, that discussed the key elements of the University, looking at the direction of its marketing in the future.

We discussed the different approaches that we could take for this ahead of the event. It was decided that a portable graphic wall would be the best fit for this as it would allow for a larger wall scribe whilst having the flexibility of being able to easily wheeled between different groups if needed.

Artist Elliott did a fantastic job of live illustrating the discussions and workshops. After the session was complete all the participants of the event signed the scribe. The University of Greenwich team were left with the physical large wall paper illustration on the day. Within three working days we digitised the scribe so that they had an easily shareable digital version of the day.

The University of Greenwich were so happy with the result that they asked us to have the scribe printed onto a number of A1 foam boards to be displayed around the University offices.

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