We were approached by Takumi agency to digitally live scribe their recent webinar for TikTok, Join the TikTok Revolution. Our artist Liam joined the webinar to illustrate the key topics discussed.

We heard from the renowned panel speakers Mary Keane-Dawson, Evan Horowitz, Shaadow Sefiroth, and Tom Hooker. The panel covered topics such as consumer behaviour, audience engagement, brand collaborations, monetisation, influencers, and what might be in store for the future of the platform.

Working digitally on a drawing tablet, we were able to listen diligently and capture each idea in its infancy. When needed, we were able to seamlessly share the development of the illustration by using the screen-share software built into the video conferencing app.

At the end of the session the illustration was used across Takumi and TikTok’s social platforms, creating a lasting meaningful take-away, whilst extending the reach of the webinar beyond the participants of the event.

A big part of the magic of a live scribe is witnessing and contributing towards the creation of the work. To further include and engage the viewers who weren’t able to attend, we create a time-lapse that captures the drawing process. This popular short video content can be used across all social platforms, helping the audience to feel privy to the process, witnessing the discussion unfold.

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