We were approached by The Design Kids to create a digital scribe for their recent #TDK Tuesdays with Jelly artists Alison Carmichael, Justin Poulter and Biff.

Each artist focused their talks around artistic lettering and what it takes to be a professional freelance artist.

Around 60 students and recent graduates attended as all three artists spoke about how they started out, their experiences of working with agents, commissions, the perils of Instagram, and their top-tips to artists hoping to work in the industry.

Our scribing artist Mark worked stealthily throughout the evening capturing the key points made in his digital scribe. Attendees enjoyed watching as the talk was brought to life in real time, witnessing the key points drawn in a visually inspiring and memorable way.

The Design Kids were able to take the digital scribe away at the end of the evening and use it on their website and social posts to talk about the event and promote future projects.

We had a fantastic evening full of collaboration and creativity at TDK Tuesday’s. You can read more about the talk and pick up more ‘Tips in Type’ in Jelly’s news & insights.

If you’re interested in working with one of our scribing artists for an upcoming event, get in touch at:

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