It’s always a pleasure to draw, it’s especially a pleasure to draw when the drawing’s are for good!

We were approached by the lovely team at Access Now to live digitally scribe the key messages delivered at the RightsCon 2021 Summit. RightsCon is an annual Summit that delivers a number of talks and workshops discussing some of the areas that human rights and tech intersect.

In preparation for the summit we set up a meeting with artist Joel and the team to gain some insight into the key themes that would be discussed, a glossary of terms was exchanged along with the schedule and key branding.

Access Now decided that it would be most helpful for Joel to sign in to the RightsCon platform live stream, scribing the talks and sharing his work with the team. After the event the team would be able to use the scribes across their social platforms and share the video recordings showing a time-lapse of each scribe. We’ve found that video outputs help boost engagement with the content and bring people along on the thought journey, reaching an audience beyond those that were able to attend.

As usual, Joel went above and beyond in scribing this event, producing a total of 14 intelligent and engaging scribes over the week.

We were really pleased to hear such positive feedback from the team and to see the illustrations appear across their social platforms. One of the handiest things about working with a scribing artist is that often the content that is created can be re-purposed to help support the marketing of future events, or used for internal comms, essentially providing a beautiful bespoke asset library of branded relevant content.

‘We’ve received so many applauds appreciating the amazing work… Wow this is so great!’ – Sage Cheng, Access Now

It’s always great to hear positive feedback from a project and we’re really glad to hear that this one was so popular! If you would like to take a peek at some more digital scribing case study, why not check out the digital scribing project we completed for Kings College Hospital, and see some of the ways that the project was extended beyond the initial 1 hour workshop sessions.

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