We were approached by marketing agency Redactive to live scribe the RCM Annual Conference, held at Manchester Central last September.

It was a pleasure to be invited to participate in such an important event that provides opportunities for more than 3500 midwives, managers, students, educators, researchers and MSWs to reflect, learn lessons and prepare for the way ahead in midwifery.

After an initial discussion about the best way to approach this, Redactive opted for a two walls and decided that artist Matt would live illustrate the key areas discussed.

It was a fantastic 2 day event, full to the brim of inspiring ideas. Matt spoke to participants and captured the discussions and key focus areas.

After the event we digitised the scribe so that Redactive and the RCM Annual Conference had both physical illustrations and shareable digital versions.

If you have a project coming up that would benefit from the help of one of our live artists, drop us a line at [email protected]

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