Our lovable hero returns to the screen!

Its always a treat when we are approached with a script that stars one of our child-hood heroes, and this one in-particular was one of our favourites!

Abbott Mead Vickers came to us with a number of comedic scenarios featuring Mr Bean, which we developed into visuals and research animatics.

This 2D animatic for the Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” series shows a group of master ninjas jumping across the rooftops of traditional Asian buildings with one of them acting out of character, literally replaced by the loveable yet childlike buffoon, Mr Bean.

Visualising artists, James and Mark, to lined and coloured each of the individual elements needed for the animation; this included the background landscapes, the ninjas in various body positions, and Mr Bean’s character.

Frame 3_resized Frame 17_resized

We were really happy to see that the Ninja animatic made it through research and the spot hit our TV screens shortly after. Watch the spot here.


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