Events that we would previously have gathered together in big old drinking huddles have now had to switch things up and move online. It can be tricky for organisers to bridge the ‘engagement gap’ this shift creates.

BUT The 99//Club Digital Festival 2020 made it look easy! Their 5 day online festival had a fantastic line-up of speakers with Rory Sutherland, Vicki Maguire and Rachael Pollard just to name a few! The organisers were very clever to foresee that their audience and speakers would benefit from something that would help unite and inspire them throughout… a live digital scribing artist! Together we came up with a plan to visually capture their 5 day event live.

We provided live digital scribes for each of the 5 days, capturing the core content and key notes from each day. The team were able to check-in live with the scribers throughout, showing the audience all their exciting ideas thus-far. At the end of each session the illustrations were shared on their social channels, extending the reach of the event and providing an excellent reminder of anything they may have been missed. Very smart…

Did you know that Twitter has said that tweets with a GIF see 55% more engagement than those without?

Each illustration came with its own time-lapse. This reveals the process and provides a great little piece of animated content for social.

If you have an event coming up that might benefit from a splash of illustrative magic, why not give one of our friendly project managers a call? They might have been around the drawing block a few times but they’re always on the look-out for new ways to bring bold ideas to life. And if you are thirsty for more webinar scribes, check out our collaboration with Takumi for TikTok.  More webinar wonders this way. 

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