We had the pleasure of live scribing a series for Kings College Hospital engagement workshops.

This was part of a much larger project working with graphic designer Mike LeBihan who was tasked with creating a book about King’s College Hospital that would feature some of the scribing outputs.

Working with artist Amber we live digitally scribed each of the 5 x one hour engagement workshops. Once all sessions were complete we were tasked with creating a rich picture that captured the key elements of all the sessions, along with an additional scribe illustrating the patient survey results.

The final output for this project was to create a visual time-line of Kings College Hospital. Artist Liam jumped at the chance of illustrating this and did a fantastic job at capturing this impressive and rich journey.

We recently heard from Mike that the project went very well and that all concerned were very happy – good job team!

For more digital scribe projects why not check out our project with Brand Finance, and have a peek and some of the in-person scribes that Joel created at this insightful event.

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