An epic script doesn’t necessarily call for an epic storyboard.

It was a script we loved from the start. A group of friends make the ultimate road trip across mid winter Iceland to surf the Arctic Sea; celebrating their achievement with an icy shot of Jagermeister.

Red Brick Road already had quite the collection of mood boards and films to set the tone. From concept to the shoot they felt it vital that landscape and friendship take centre stage. We left that first meeting with a simple brief — keep it natural.

And honestly, there’s no need to be clever when you’re working with the volcanic landscape of a snowy Iceland. Adopting a stripped back visualising style, courtesy of Aaron, we let the idea do the talking.

“There’s no need to be clever when you’re working with the volcanic landscape of a snowy Iceland”

We helped Red Brick Road communicate their plans to both the client and eventually the production team. Minimal styling and natural lighting lent itself to a illustrative, black and white pencil style. Finishing off with a moody black toned wash lent the frames a bit of grit.


We dropped the finished frames into a timeline edit using Red Brick Road’s narrative soundtrack. A handful of simple zooms and pans helped tell the story in finer detail.


It was great to see the idea make it through research and onto the screen. This behind the scenes is a killer insight into the lengths the production team went to to make the finished idea look so fantastic.

You can watch the spot here.

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