When PR agency Hope & Glory came to us to visualise the concept for a pop-up do-it-yourself restaurant for Ikea it was important to quickly grasp the type of atmosphere that they wanted to create.

It’s our exciting new venture that we’re doing with Ikea where we are holding a dining club where the diners become the restaurant owners for the evening’ says Ikea’s manager, Ellie Pniok.

The idea was that someone could come and take over the restaurant, be the chef and get to host a meal for up to 20 of their friends which just wouldn’t be possible at home.

Hope & Glory asked us to communicate a very friendly approachable vibe, which would incorporate a combination of people cooking and eating and drinking together. The divides between the kitchen and dining area needed to be removed and it needed to feel well equipped but welcoming, very home from home.

Visualising talent Rick’s painterly style and use of a warm colour palette helped to ensure that The Dining Club appeared as an informal, enticing environment, separating it from the traditional formalities of a restaurant and creating an approachable do-it-yourself vibe.

Both Hope & Glory and Ikea were so happy with the design of the visual’s that they used them for their official press release. The images were shown on a number of press sights to include The Sun, The Telegraph and Time Out.

See how the visuals compare to the real-life pop-up here.

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