We count ourselves very lucky to have a fantastic selection of artists who thrive in live drawing environments. Although this usually entails paper, pens and increasingly digital drawing tablets, we were very excited to be approached by Havas People to virtually live draw using a Microsoft HoloLens headset for BP.

The project involved creating a series of 3D virtual portraits at the 2019 Women of Silicon Roundabout, live capturing participants at the annual tech event.

Havas People asked that we complete each drawing in under 5 minutes capturing a likeness of the participant in a continuous line drawing style.

The trickiest part of this project was mastering the Microsoft HoloLens drawing technology, but talented artist Jayoon didn’t shy away from the challenge. She embraced the tech and practiced drawing with it before-hand ensuring she was fully prepared for the bustling event.

We were enormously happy to participate in the two day event where we were lucky to meet and capture so many inspiring women. To read more about it why not check out #BPDigitalEnergy on twitter?

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