We had the pleasure of working with Creature agency to help bring to life their playful pillow story for Eve, ‘A pillows Life’. The short spot serves to remind us of the important moments that we’ve shared with our pillow, a kind of un-sung hero/sidekick to our lives. The film encouragers us to think back to all the moments that we’ve shared together before we start our ‘new pillow love story’.

Working with scribing artist Jacob we captured the intended tone and style directed by Creature. After the initial style test was signed off we set to work drawing up the roughs which could be shared and approved by both and agency and client.

After the illustrations were finalised we dropped them into a timed edit with the voiceover, creating an animatic, great for seeing how the image and sound were working together. Once any last artwork feedback was implemented we injected the magic of animation! We’re very lucky to have a dedicated resource for animation, ready and waiting to jump on exciting projects like this.

Taking just one week from brief to completion this was a fast-turnaround project made possible by Creature’s excellent direction, Jacob’s awesome artistry and our dedicated project managers, who’s job it is to take the faff and drama out of the way of creativity.

The spot has been used as part of Eve’s online campaign and can be seen across their social channels.

If this has left you puffed up and ready to peek at some more plush animated action, pop over to watch our animated interview with artist Jacob. 

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