Doritos shows us how one bold decision can lead to an epic adventure

Fire breathers, break dancers and mermaids! The new commercial for Doritos by AMV BBDO shows how one bold decision and a case of mistaken identity can lead to an epic adventure.

The film’s own adventure from agency to screen brought it through the Three Blind Mice animation studio. We worked closely with AMV BBDO’s creative team to transform their hilarious script into a research animatic fit for consumer testing.


With help from visualising artist Bill B and our team of editors, we followed the tale of three geeky guys, who after a case of mistaken identity get whisked away in a limousine to a mega mansion where a crazy pool party is in full swing. Bill’s fantastic colour frames effectively capture the epic chain of events in all their bold, colourful madness.

Of course, the idyllic situation comes to an abrupt end when the house’s owner arrives home unamused, leaving the three lads stranded, wearing only leopard print speedos and a packet of Doritos to cover their modesty. Watch the spot here. 

Copyright: Three Blind Mice 2014

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