What is a ‘digital scribe’!?

Put simply, a digital scribe is a drawing created digitally to visually interpret an event, presentation or meeting as it happens. It delivers information in a way that is memorable, shareable, and engaging through pictures. Digital scribes are fantastic at creating unique adaptable content, that can be shared in an instant. The digital scribe is perfect for this fast-paced, could-you-have-it done-by-yesterday, digital age.

D’arts is an event hosted by our sister company, (illustration agency and animation production company) Jelly London. At this magic mash-up event clients and artists mingle over a drink whilst throwing sharp objects competitively – but importantly – not at each other! Over the last few years the event has become increasingly popular, as a crowd of loyal eager advertising and production folk return time and time again.

This year, Three Blind Mice teamed up with Jelly London to create the biggest, boldest D’arts yet.

Amongst the planning and prep for the event we discussed ways that we could bring even more ARTS to the DARTS. After some discussion it was decided that a live digital scribe would cleverly knit the arts and darts together, creating something both engaging and entertaining. Producing digital assets this way would also give us plenty of post-event shareable goods!

Before the event artist Jacob wirelessly connected the ipad pro to the laptop and projector in the D’arts event space. As guests started to arrive Jacob was then free to walk around, interact with participants and utilise his quick-hand. It was great to see so many people enjoying the live aspect of the scribe, and to witness Jacob’s observations grow and develop throughout the night.

Team silver brought home the gold, that’s right, second place ain’t for the skills of the silvers! With no pizza box or beer bottle left unturned… ‘til next time D’arts gang!

If you have a meeting, workshop or presentation coming up that you think would benefit from a visual voice, holla at us here! [email protected]

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