We had the privilege of working with the Met Office to live digitally scribe a selection of key talks at the 2012 Cop26 held in Glasgow this year.

The UN Climate Change Conference was an opportunity for all the leaders around the world to come together and make a commitment to lowering the worlds carbon emissions.

We live illustrated the talks from the youtube live stream, noting key stats and information, whilst making them engaging and easy for all to understand.

Working with artist Liam we scribed 8 talks in total, from using climate as a resilient food system to the future of climate modelling, each discussion lasted just over an hour and was packed to the brim with crucial information.

Whilst tackling climate change will require big changes in the ways that we all live our lives, it was great to see that some new commitments were made and that Cop26 helped to raise the public awareness of the climate crisis.

We hope that having our illustrated scribes as shareable assets after the event has helped towards reaching a wider audience and raising awareness.

If you would like to book a scribing artist for an event coming up get in touch, we always happy to have a chat or send over some more relevant examples to help you pick the best approach, and in the meantime, why not take a peek at the digital live scribes we created for RightsCon Summit 2021, Human rights in the digital age. 

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