We were approached by Brand Finance to live digitally scribe their Soft Power Summit 2020.

The Summit featured the unveiling of the Global Soft Power Index by Brand Finance – the world’s most comprehensive soft power study surveying opinions of over 55,000 people – general public and experts – in more than 100 countries.

Scribing artist Joel was tasked with live capturing the inspirational talks at the side of conference space.

Speakers included Paul Brummel CMG, Lord Sebastian COE, Sir CiarĂ¡n Devane, Peter Fisk, David Haigh, Mishal Husain, Dr Yu Jie, Ban Ki-moon, Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Omar Salha, Professor Richard Sambrook, Dr Paul Temporal and Amish Tripathi.

Each talk lasted for around 15mins, in that time Joel listened diligently and graphically illustrated the key information discussed. Drawing live on a digital tablet, Joel was hooked up to 90 inch screen so that the conference attendees could easily absorb the visual notes.

All 7 digital scribes from the half day event were shared across social platforms both during and after the event, extending the reach of the conference beyond the physical attendees on the day.

It was great to hear such positive reports from Brand Finance after the event;

“Joel was brilliant and added such a refreshing dimension to the event!”





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