The 99//Club is a network of people who are committed to creating a more positive future for marketing, advertising and tech. Organised by MAD//Fest and New Digital Age, it was a privilege to be invited to live scribe the very first meeting.

The format of the event was very unique, with each speaker given just 99 seconds to state their case.

We pride ourselves on offering the best speedy scribers in town, and even though a 99 second scribe is somewhat unheard of, illustration wizard Elliott rose to challenge! To add to the challenge of the evening, Elliott was given no prior knowledge of the speakers or topics ahead of the event, he went in ice-cold!

The evening promised to cover some of the biggest issues facing ethics in advertising today, and it did not disappoint.

With talks from UK and Ireland director of strategy and operations at Google Craig Fenton, Jerry Daykin, GSK EMEA media director; Seb Bardin, Unilever’s global head of acquisition and marketing; digital transformation specialist Tiffany St James, founder of Transmute; Harriet Kingaby, co-chair of The Conscious Advertising Network; NED and management consultant Mary Keane Dawson and Ed Couchman, UK general manager of Snap.

Topics discussed included diversity, creativity in education, how brands are inadvertently funding the internet’s shady content, how risk-averse strategies are sometimes at the expense of a brands audience, and how today’s digital skills are already (almost) obsolete.

This lively and thought provoking evening was full of inspiration and insights, to find out more about the event head over to the New Digital Age.

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