By the time you are reading this, our new website and refreshed brand identity will be live, courtesy of the chatty, talented folk at Well Made Studio.

Presiding over your own website refresh is usually fraught, torn between the stresses of knowing that you need to instigate change quickly and the deserts of procrastination that inevitably becalm the process. Fortunately, collaborating with a third party that you trust and letting them get on with it really helps.

“We’ve focused more on what makes Three Blind Mice a great studio to work with: the people and the services”

We’ve created several websites during Three Blind Mice’s long life, and we can honestly say that this has been the most straightforward, partially because we’ve taken a very different approach to how we present ourselves this time round. In previous incarnations, we have tried to present our website as a catalogue of everything that we’ve done and religiously collated a huge library of images and animatics, with the resulting experience a real chore.

This time round, after a few head-crunching sessions with Well Made, it was decided that we should eschew the usual ‘list of artists names and hundreds of images’ template and focus more on what makes Three Blind Mice a great studio to work with: the people and the services.

We’ve tried to make our services much more clear and straight-forward so both seasoned creatives and those new to pre-production, pitch and research techniques can find exactly what they need. If clients want to see more specific examples of our work, as they usually do, they can simply ask us and we will supply links or PDFs tailor-made to their requirements – hopefully a much more user-friendly experience for everyone involved.

If you haven’t yet, then please have a good root around the new site and let us know what you think. Looking after our clients has – and will – always been our main priority and we hope to continue to do so with this new website. Enjoy.

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