An invaluable research tool, these animated content and creative animatic mock-ups help us understand how consumers react to key messages.

With prime airtime costing close to £60k a spot, it makes sense to test everything and anything before you hit production.

More and more we’re seeing animatics-led insight dictating the finished product.

“Research isn’t just driving advertising, it’s dictating it”

We’ve learned a thing or two about successful animatics in the past 20 years.

Perhaps that’s why so many agencies keep us on speed dial.


There’s only room for a fraction of our portfolio online. If you’re after specifics, get in touch. We’ll create something just for you.

  • nextGen easyJet

  • Tropicana+ ‘Juice with a Boost’

  • Walkers #crispIn or #crispOut

  • Branston, Hit of Home

  • You see more when you don’t fly, Eurostar

  • Guinness, Liberty Fields

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